El Muelle Dental Clinic

Founded by Dr. Joaquín García Pertusa in 1975

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The El Muelle dental clinic, located on Calle del Muelle, hence its name, was founded by Dr. Joaquín García Pertusa in 1975.
Dr. Pablo Chapapría García has continued with the family tradition and we currently have a multidisciplinary team offering a wide range of treatments in an integrated way.


Dr. Joaquín García Pertusa

He graduated in medicine from the University of Madrid, completed his studies with the MIR in Stomatology at the University of Granada.
In 1975 he made his stomatologist services available to the inhabitants of Santa Pola until today, who continues to work closely with his nephew, Pablo Chapapría, in the design and execution of the treatment plans of our patients.


Our team is made up of the best in their field.

Dr. Pablo Chapapría García
Dr. Pablo Chapapría GarcíaOdontologist - Col Nº03002814
Dra. Tatiana Román Salazar
Dra. Tatiana Román SalazarOdontologist - Col Nº03002922
Dra. Belén Mudarra Fraguas
Dra. Belén Mudarra FraguasOdontologist - Col. Nº 030003311
Yolanda García Alberca
Yolanda García AlbercaDental assistant
Ana Fe Martínez Vidal
Ana Fe Martínez VidalDental hygienist
Gretchen García BetancourtClinic assistant


The El Muelle dental clinic has the latest medical equipment to offer cutting-edge dental science.